Motorcycle Emblems & Trim

Industry-leading motorcycle and powersport brands place their confidence in LaFrance to deliver high-quality branding solutions year after year. We deploy a team of industry specialists to continuously serve top-level offerings, tailored to meet stringent testing needs.

Precision-crafted designs allow your product to look as powerful as it performs. Through every curve on your bike or on the road, we make sure your motorcycle exudes distinction and durability.

Differentiate Your Brand



Signify Superior Aesthetics With Custom Emblems

Our years of experience have resulted in an unprecedented product offering. From electroform and aluminum motorcycle tank emblems, to zinc and complex material combination backrest emblems, our offering is sure to advance your aesthetics.

Rugged Durability

We ensure your entire motorcycle withstands all weather conditions.

Serializing Capabilities

Use serialized badging to showcase special editions.

One-Of-A-Kind Design

An array of materials and finishes gives your design a unique edge.

Match Brand Perception To Performance


Take your product to the next level with custom motorcycle emblems and precision-crafted trims.

See For Yourself

Get inspiration and ideas to jump-start our collaboration.

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A Collaborative Experience

Join forces with our motorcycle team to put power and performance behind your brand. Their industry-specific expertise will help you exceed your design and durability goals.



We will execute and enhance all of your creative goals.

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Ensure your needs are met from concept through production.

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We create a well-defined timeline to meet your production needs.

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Here’s What Our Customers Think

  • “LaFrance has been an ideal partner for Össur. Their great team has exemplified resourcefulness, creativity, and precision throughout the development phase – from concept to reality. Their attention to detail, quality, and pursuit of excellence is embodied in the components, which are proudly present on ÖSSUR's premium products.”

    Sindri Sigurdsson, Senior Industrial Designer, ÖSSUR

  • “Thank you for the excellent product quality and technical support LaFrance has provided for our project over the past year; very impressive and greatly appreciated. I am happy to recommend LaFrance to any brand or manufacturer.”

    Callum MacGregor, Managing Director, Cardiosport

  • “I have personally worked with representatives of LaFrance for about 12 years and in that time have found their team to be highly motivated, thorough, and supportive of our product needs. They express a true desire to help us achieve our goals for the look and performance of our products and are diligent with providing us a window into the latest technologies they are developing. I appreciate our partnership with LaFrance and the service they have provided to our hard goods product development team over the years!”

    Rose Fielder, Project Engineering Manager, PING

  • “I find the LaFrance organization to be a leader in creating a collaborative environment in which innovative thinking, customer needs, and solutions are done with great speed, efficiency, and quality. The consistency in their performance and quality align with the needs of our company.”

    Paula Donnelly, VP Advanced Product Development, Luxottica