Tonal Zinc: A New Finish for Our Zinc Product Line

Since school is back in session, albeit virtual, in-person, or hybrid, we thought it would be fun to play a game...

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Limited Edition Branding & How You Can Make it Unique

If you’ve ever said “I wish I could make a more personal connection with consumers, but I don’t even know where to...

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Manufacturing for Start-Ups and Established Brands

Does “Oh, you’re just a start-up?” sound familiar?

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10 Reasons You Should be Talking About On-Product Branding

Branding isn’t just your company’s name or logo – it’s so much more! How you showcase your brand on your products is...

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Trending:  Copper Aesthetics

From keeping clean to conveying quality, copper is trending as a coveted material for a Post-Covid-19 world.

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The Power of Brand Collaboration

Whether it’s for a charitable cause or company benefits, brands collaborate for one reason or another. Whatever that...

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Launching Our New Website

Investing in Our Brand

Things might be looking like they have had a bit of an upgrade around here- that’s because...

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Manufacturing to Make a Difference

LaFrance Corp Philanthropic Crisis Response Helps Frontline Workers Stay Safe

Since 1946, LaFrance has weathered...

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