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Posted by LaFrance on Jul 13, 2023 6:30:00 AM

Batteries are an essential part of life, powering everything from laptops to watches. While it seems like a no-brainer to recycle used batteries, not everyone does. Limitations from municipalities that can handle this type of waste as well as a lack of knowledge of how to do it, results in many batteries being discarded with the rest of the trash.  

As part of our commitment to sustainability, LaFrance implemented a Battery Recycling Program in November 2021. Beginning with our headquarters in Concordville, Pennsylvania and since expanding to our production facility in Sarasota, Florida, we’ve made it easy for our employees to do their part to help our planet. Employees are encouraged to drop used batteries in our collection bins. Members of our Sustainability Team and R&D Team sort all donations and properly prepare them for shipment to our recycling partner.  

LaFrance is proud to partner with Cirba Solutions (formerly Battery Solutions), the leader in sustainable, end-to-end management solutions for end-of-life batteries and consumer electronics. By diverting away from landfills and recirculating reclaimed materials back into the manufacturing marketplace, Cirba Solutions helps reduce the need for newly mined materials, lessening the strain on the earth. 

As a global manufacturer, we recognize the importance of having a commitment to environmental responsibility. From our manufacturing operations to our office environments, we work hard to comply with and exceed industry standards and sustainability goals. We do this by reducing waste, minimizing impact on the environment, and keeping our work areas safe and clean. Since introducing our Battery Recycling Program in November 2021, our Concordville office has recycled over 155 pounds of batteries amongst four shipments to Cirba Soultions. Our Sarasota facility began their program in January of this year and are preparing to send their first collection by the end of summer. Our employees are excited about contributing to a greener planet and can’t wait to see how many batteries we collect and recycle in the future.

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