EV Charging – Lead the Charge in an Emerging Market

Posted by LaFrance on May 11, 2023 3:33:00 AM

Lead the charge with elevated aesthetics and revolutionary touchpoints!  

The rise of electric vehicles in today’s automotive industry has sparked a shift in the market, with on-product branding leaning into a more sustainable and technologically advanced direction. With the rise in electrification, OEMs continue to invest in brand perception to establish themselves as industry leaders. All aspects of the EV experience are an opportunity to build brand strength, including charging. Whether that be wall mount chargers or handheld coupler badges, LaFrance has a solution to meet any on-product branding vision.  

As an everyday touchpoint for consumers, chargers connect the brand and EV experience. With a sizable portion of EV charging taking place in the home, consumers have exponential purchasing power. What does a consumer want to see every day while charging their vehicle? What message do you want conveyed every time someone uses your product? Utilizing coupler or wall mount branding offers OEM partners the ability to create a branded charging experience that can stand apart in a rapidly growing industry.  

When Ford released the Mustang Mach-E, they recognized that brand perception is shaped by every product detail. Ford invested in an eye-catching 3D badge from LaFrance on its handheld charging coupler. This tactile logo, paired with an expertly crafted interior and exterior, helps tell the Mach-E's story of superior performance and luxury.  

A material perfectly suited for on-product branding in the EV charging market is electroform. As our most premium product line at LaFrance, it is the perfect solution to elevate your brand’s perception. Ideal for intricately detailed coupler badges, the crispness achieved with electroform is unrivaled. Maximize your design value and recharge your brand perception through a variety of metallic finish options such as plating, antiquing, and PVD. Investing in brand perception, especially in emerging markets such as EV charging, is key to the longevity of your brand. 

The electric vehicle market is growing rapidly and is forecasted to continue in an upward trajectory for years to come. Now is the time to level up your on-product branding and choose how you want your brand to be experienced in this exciting marketplace. At LaFrance, we recognize that all touch points help define a brand. We can provide durable charging branding that meets your aesthetic needs, check out our form below and let us help you build brand value with your OEMs. 


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