Our Guiding Principles for 75 Years

Posted by LaFrance on Jul 8, 2021 8:49:36 AM

On Sunday, our country celebrated its 245th year of independence and here at LaFrance we’re proudly celebrating our 75th year! We couldn’t be prouder of this accomplishment. We are supremely grateful for the hard work and dedication from our family members, also known as LaFrance employees. Their commitment to welcome technical challenges and celebrate teamwork day in and day out for seven and half decades is inspiring. While much has changed since Joseph A. Teti, Jr. started the company making marcasite jewelry in 1946, much remains the same. From our modest beginnings in South Philadelphia to a global network of precision manufacturing, LaFrance truly embodies the American Dream. 

We often write blogs about our materials, finishes, and trends, or we highlight the vast experience we have in a particular industry. However, this week we wanted to hit the pause button, take a step back, and reflect on the last 75 years and share some of our history with you. LaFrance is built upon various core values. The responsibility of our family members is to live those core values every day. We’ll share a few with you here. You just might find a company that personifies the same values as your company and perhaps a new collaboration will begin today! 

It’s super easy to only take the simple jobs, right? But where’s the fun in that? At LaFrance, we welcome complex designs and complicated opportunities. When we are awarded complex jobs, we know we’re going to learn something and be better for it, both individually and as a company. Our family members like being challenged, they like learning new things, and they like being a part of a team. Whether it’s developing a new finish for a desired aesthetic, or tweaking an existing process to increase output efficiencies, our team members welcome technical challenges with open arms and have been doing so for 75 years. 

We’ve all heard the classic quote, “There’s no ‘i’ in team.” At LaFrance, it couldn’t be truer. We celebrate team successes and learn from team failures. We also don’t rest on our laurels. Instead, we take a minute to reflect, send out some high fives, but then we keep on moving forward. We consider our accounts and customers an extension of our internal team. Our jobs aren’t done with the first production order. We work hard to ensure we’re meeting delivery needs and are responsive should a spike or decline occur. We’re only successful if our accounts and customers are successful. We’re in this together and you can count on the LaFrance team to always go above and beyond. 

LaFrance prides itself on conducting business honestly and fairly. We’ve all seen companies rise and fall; and like any company that’s been around as long as we have, there are plenty of storms that must be weathered. Despite any setbacks we’ve faced along the way, we've never stopped living our core value of operating with honesty and fairness. At LaFrance, we don’t take shortcuts or look for the easy way out. We believe in doing the right thing always and in all ways. You’ll experience this first hand when working with us. We are confident you’ll see why doing business with LaFrance is a different, and better, experience than working with any other product branding, decorative trim, or functional component supplier. 

We look forward to our next 75 years and beyond and we’d love for you to be a part of our future. We are excited to help you reach and exceed the expectations of your customers while maintaining our core values and helping you maintain yours. Take a minute to complete our form below so we can get our collaboration started.

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