Popular Materials for the Appliance Industry

Posted by LaFrance on Jul 15, 2021 11:43:21 AM

2020 was challenging for a variety of reasons. As consumers, staying home made some of us second guess every interior decorating decision we’ve ever made! What could we do to keep ourselves busy? With extra time on our hands, why not redo the kitchen? It’s no surprise the wait list for home appliances was almost as long as the wait list for home gym equipment. With renovation still on the minds of many global consumers, now is the time to ensure your appliance designs stand out from the rest while properly conveying your brand message of high-quality, reliable performance, and artful construction. While many of our product lines are used within the appliance industry, we’ve chosen the below 3 most popular for product branding, decorative trim, and functional componentry. 

Formed, embossed, coined, or machined, aluminum is the go-to material for a plethora of applications in the appliance industry. Your product branding, model indicators, feature branding, accent pieces, and knobs shine when aluminum is the base material. Demand attention by integrating a selectively brushed design coupled with an incredibly durable anodized finish into your product. Available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes ranging from high polished to brushed, we also offer recycled aluminum. Depending on your brand message and what your customers value, consider our recycled option to help convey your commitment to sustainability.  

Durable, corrosion resistant, modern, and sleek, stainless steel is incredibly versatile. Perfect for product branding on refrigerators and microwave doors, stainless steel can also withstand the high heat specifications allowing it to be used on the interior of dishwashers. Draw attention to often overlooked user touchpoints like the handle of a dishwasher drawer with stainless steel accent pieces or backlit buttons on your ice dispenser. Work with LaFrance to create custom designs via etching, forming, and embossing.  

A superior alternative to printing, our metal letter offering is a sleek yet simple way to elevate your appliance designs. Exude sophistication and choose from a variety of our bright or satin metallic finishes, as well as colored options in transparent and opaque paints. Achieve subtle dimensionality by adding texture to this incredibly low profile product line. These textures and finishes add the perfect element of shine, color, and tactility to your industrial appliances helping to separate you from a sea of competitors in the retail space.  

With over 50 years of experience supporting world leaders in both home and commercial appliances, you can trust LaFrance to bring your vision to life. For samples, more information on the materials and finishes we think are best for the appliance industry, or to speak with one of our industry experts, please complete our form. We look forward to helping you enhance the perceived value of your products and boost your brand!

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