Popular Materials for the Eyewear Industry

Posted by LaFrance on Jul 1, 2021 6:45:00 AM

LaFrance supports over 125 eyewear brands with logos, functional components and decorative trim. We offer unique aesthetics that help attract shoppers and boost brand value, a goal that cannot be compromised in today’s ever-changing marketplace. As the world transitions to post-pandemic living, all eyewear product categories must target a more consumption-conscious consumer. Brands are looking to create differentiated products in the short term while offering long-term appeal. In addition, with an increase in virtual experiences, like sunglass try-on apps and digital eyewear trade shows, in-person product interaction has declined significantly. Now more than ever, brands must look great on screen for consumers who are initially holding the product with their eyes, not their hands. 

We will work with your designers, engineers, and sourcing professionals to ensure your eyewear emblems, functional components and decorative trims exceed your aesthetic and performance goals. While our eyewear customers take advantage of our full range of products both individually and in combination parts, our team notes the following as the industry’s go-to materials.

Electroform is a premium product that offers a wide range of aesthetic possibilities for all categories of eyewear.  Frames are elevated with electroform’s crisp dimension, intricate details, custom textures, holographic finishes, and authentic material replication. The jewel-like quality of electroform resonates with fashion and lifestyle brands, as they recognize the value in superior quality and consistency across all product lines. By using electroform, the logos and decorative trim on their eyewear can emulate the distinctive design details on their other products like jewelry, handbags, and apparel. Sport brands utilize electroform as the superior appearance and durability speaks to their innovative product performance. Showcasing collection-specific elements is easily obtained, as electroform’s unmatched aesthetics enhance any trend or brand story.

A superior alternative to printing your brand name, our metal letter product line is a sleek and simple way to elevate eyewear designs. Capabilities include individual letters, open letters, mesh patterns, and through holes.  Bright or satin metallic finishes, as well as colored options in transparent and opaque paints add the perfect element of shine and color to sunglass frames.

Great for combination material parts, metal letter emblems and trims are often used in tandem with molded plastic for a dimensional effect. Whether utilizing a smooth or low-profile textured metal letter, subtle dimension can be added while remaining flush with temples and lenses. Micro metal letters offer fine precision detail and ultra-thin stroke widths, making them ideal for narrow temples, small stem tips, or any part of a frame that has a limited surface area.

From sport performance to luxury eyewear brands, stainless steel is utilized as an attractive, durable and cost-effective material option. Design value can be maximized with stainless steel’s full and partial etching capabilities.  From partially etched copy and decorative patterns, to fully etched through holes, subtle dimension can be added while maintaining a sleek design. Additional depth can be obtained with embossing and dimensional inks.  Plating, PVD and paint finishes offer endless color options. Formed stainless steel can be executed as a functional component, like an interchangeable lens attachment or temple adjustment mechanism. Strong and durable, it can withstand the constant friction of everyday use, offering uncompromised appearance and performance for the life of the product.

For samples, more information on the materials and finishes we think are best for the eyewear industry, or to speak with one of our industry experts, please complete our form. We will work with you to create distinctive eyewear branding and decorative trim that will help differentiate your collections.

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