Popular Materials for the Motorcycle Industry

Posted by LaFrance on May 20, 2021 7:45:00 AM

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many industries in numerous ways. Perhaps the most interesting is the shift from public transportation to personal mobility in the form of two-wheels. In a market that is arguably more competitive than ever before, manufacturers are tasked with creating not only a motorcycle that looks as good as it performs and meets the stringent durability requirements of the industry, but also turns an exceptional profit.

We will work with your designers, engineers, and sourcing professionals to ensure your motorcycle branding is superior. Our unprecedented product offering is highlighted through our 20 years of industry experience. Within the past two decades, our team of motorcycle experts have compiled a list of their top materials that are sure to meet your needs and exceed your goals.

Electroform is a designer’s dream for its ability to create custom textures, holographics, and authentic material replication. Motorcycle emblems of all sizes achieve precise, jewel-like quality, as each piece is an exact replica of the original. In other words, your small key fob or cluster badge will have the same crispness as your larger tank emblems - leading to increased brand perception through ultimate brand consistency. Looking for something to take your special edition project up a notch? Look no further. Electroform has serializing capabilities to create one-of-a-kind name plates without extra tooling costs. 

Zinc, of course, is the material all motorcycle manufacturers know and love for it’s rugged durability and heritage aesthetic. While meeting the strict needs of the industry, LaFrance’s zinc doesn’t stop there. Believe it or not, sleek high-end appearances can be crafted from diecast zinc. Whether you’re looking for brilliantly intricate details, a bright chrome trim piece, or an antiqued name plate, zinc is the ideal material solution. After all, there is a reason it has been so popular year-after-year! Elevate your tank badges and motorcycle accessories to communicate reliable product performance with strong zinc logos.

In a market that requires you to stand out to survive, your on-product branding can be your biggest differentiator. Harness the unique design capabilities of multiple materials through our combination products. With LaFrance’s extensive product line, you aren’t limited to relying solely on one material per project. Instead, you are able to design freely and utilize the best aspects of multiple materials to maximize your product’s design. Step outside of the box, and leave your competition on the road behind you. Innovation will be at the forefront of your brand, when your clutch covers and engine badges not only stand the test of time but achieve eye-catching details.

For samples, more information on the materials and finishes we think are best for the motorcycle industry, or to speak with one of our industry experts, please complete our form. We can’t wait to help you boost your brand value!

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