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Posted by LaFrance on Jun 10, 2021 6:45:00 AM

Looking for a way to enhance driver experience and highlight your brand’s value? Look no further! LaFrance has the answer to all your branding needs. After working closely with tycoons of the trucking and transportation industry for decades, we have time and time again proven that performance and appearance go hand in hand. Shift into high gear with LaFrance’s top of the line product offerings and showcase what makes your brand unique.

With our premium materials and endless finish and aesthetic capabilities we can promise that you will find the perfect solution to fit your brand’s needs. Drive home lasting brand impressions with materials made to stand out on the road. 

Why sacrifice detail and quality when electroform exists? With our premium product offering, you’ll never have to worry about choosing between this or that again. Aside from eye-catching finish options like painted, plated and PVD, electroform also offers extremely intricate details no matter the size. Great for detailed key fob emblems and a perfect way to add an element of luxury to your product’s design. By adding sleek seat back, door, and instrument panel badges there is no end to what can be achieved. From amazing quality to high-end aesthetics, electroform is the perfect addition to your fleet.

Rugged, tough, and durable. This is how most people would describe zinc. These people are correct! However, while zinc is strong enough for the toughest environments, it can also provide high-end aesthetics. Made to last, but it doesn’t stop there. Zinc offers a number of unsurpassed finishes from metallics such as bright chrome to antiqued for a more lived-in feel. Our most recent capability, tonal zinc, allows for the sleekest aesthetics to be achieved with same surface contrast. Say goodbye to the idea that durable has to be boring and add zinc to your trusted products.

Interested in a trustworthy material for your brand? Our authentic and true metal aluminum showcases not only durability but also premium finish options to create lasting impressions. With seemingly unlimited processing options, including coined, embossed, formed, and many more, our team will ensure that your aluminum part matches your exact needs. Try our brushing options for a unique look on a door or instrument panel. Add color and puff ink for additional eye-catching appeal that can take your brand to the next level. 

For samples, more information on the materials and finishes we think are best for your next transportation endeavor, or to speak with one of our industry experts, please complete our form. We are excited to drive your brand value into first place!

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