Precision Meets Design - The Diverse Capabilities of Etching

Posted by LaFrance on Aug 18, 2023 8:27:48 AM

In today’s competitive marketplace, the smallest details can make the biggest impact on the perception of your product. Design differentiation is integral to making your product stand out and helps your brand resonate in the minds of your customers. Take your product designs in an eye–catching direction with unique aesthetics achieved by our diverse etching processes.  

Chemical etching creates sleek dimension by providing a visible change between the top surface level and the portion of material etched away. Chemical etching can be achieved partially or a full thru-etch within our stainless steel product line. Thru-etch results in perforated patterns and functional components. The trend of perforation is particularly popular in consumer electronics and appliances. Often utilized for air venting, and audio porting, the superior dimensionality of chemical etching can elevate any product.  

From custom text and detailed symbols to intricate patterns and textures - the possibilities are endless when it comes to laser etching. Laser etching provides a very minimal etch depth that appears almost as one surface, providing delicate differentiation. The automotive industry utilizes laser etching on our electroform product line to tell a story of exclusivity on special edition models. Denoting 001/500 with laser etched graphics is the ideal way to signal a limited edition offering. The exceptional benefits of laser etching can be achieved with both our electroform and stainless steel product lines.  

Another popular capability under the diverse umbrella of etching is what we refer to as “tonal etching.” This aesthetic allows a nameplate to have a subtle feel while at the same time exuding sophistication. Using our zinc product line, tonal etching provides no surface level changes and the etched area maintains the same tone as the rest of the part. Etching on zinc provides an elevated aesthetic with a very robust base material that can offer weight and ruggedness while still looking sleek. 

At LaFrance, we believe, “It’s the details that define you.” Etching is an aesthetic that ensures your product has the details to positively impact your brand in the competitive marketplace to ensure future growth. Complete our form below and we’ll be in touch with you to learn how we can elevate your brand with exceptional etched aesthetics.  

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