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Posted by LaFrance on Mar 2, 2023 12:07:00 PM

When on-product branding is executed successfully, that brand can have unsurpassed longevity in the marketplace. As many people in the design world know, on-product branding is the best physical representation of your brand, regardless of the industry.  

On-product branding can take form in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes, but also range in the impact it leaves on the consumer. A brand can choose to make a statement and ‘wow’ with premium details and intricate texture, utilize backlight features, or bright color. A brand can also take a minimal approach, implementing sleek and subtle aesthetics with monochromatic finishes, laser etching, tonal color combinations, and low-profile materials allowing their brand to blend more seamlessly with their product. In a world of maximalism, less can be the way to go when choosing a design aesthetic for your brand. 

Minimalistic and subtle product designs have become increasingly popular in consumer electronics, home appliances, and the luxury automobile market. We have seen an increase in seamless and minimal branding most often with home-based electronics like TVs, speakers, computers, gaming systems and more. These name plate designs are influenced by the consumer desire for a product to blend well and look aesthetically cohesive in their surroundings. Consumers look for clean lines, sleek finishes and on-product branding that speaks to a more premium aesthetic while remaining seamless and subtle.  

Seamless and minimal branding allows for exploration of premium materials, finishes and textures. Taking the focus away from bright color and accentuated brand aesthetics makes space for a more polished and minimalistic brand experience for the consumer. The best brands understand the importance of adapting to their consumers' changing expectations while honoring the brand attributes they have built up over time. 

At LaFrance, we see design trends come and go in all the industries we work with. Decisions are based on the brand, where the product is used, and how best to communicate their values with their specific target consumers. While minimalistic aesthetics are popular in the electronics industry, many industries are starting to embrace a minimalistic on-product branding approach, emphasizing subtle contrast within their product lines. 

No matter the branding goal, subtle, bold, or somewhere in between, LaFrance has the expertise and capabilities to bring all design inspiration to fruition. Complete our form below for information on the breadth of capabilities with subtle design aesthetics and more!

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