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Posted by LaFrance on Jun 3, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Remember when bigger features and dimensionality of a product design were the bee’s knees, but then minimalism made its appearance, and everything became super streamlined? These trends occur like clockwork and for designers, it can be difficult to manage the fluctuation while still staying true to their brand’s message. If we stop to think about it, how can something be both dimensional and subtle? The answer could be right under our noses and we just can’t see it:  textured metal letters!

We’ve long offered razor-thin metal letters in polished finishes to meet the design needs for a subtle branding option that can sit either sub-surface, flush, or top-surface with almost no spaces. A seamless metal look is achieved with the brand’s name shining brightly! Designers said adios to screenprinting and molding the brand name into the housing and embraced these ultra-thin metal letters. 

We’ve continued to evolve our metal letter line over the years. Not only do we offer various metallic finishes in PVD, plating, and paint, but we’ve also added textures. Our customers have the ability to choose from classic high polish, one of our many standard textures like diamond milling or radial spin, or a custom texture design to truly express their brand or product story. When our textured metal letters are utilized, lucky consumers experience the best of both trends:  tactility and subtlety.

As recently noted by WGSN, “Maximalism is here to stay: take risks with elaborate and tactile detailing that will not go unnoticed. Explore how embellishment can be manipulated by exploring pattern, colour, and many different ways to excite the senses.” In addition to our ground-breaking textures, our color offering is durable and proven to meet industry-specific standards. Tailor your design to meet your needs as we offer both selective and full coverage processes as well as transparent and opaque options.

Not sure if texture and pops of color make sense for your product branding? No problem! Create eye-catching pieces with our textured metal letters as decorative metal trim and accents. The perfect complement to a more traditional name plate, textured metal letter accent pieces can take your product design to the next level. 

Are you ready to embrace the trend and get the best of both worlds with tactility and subtlety? Our industry experts are standing by ready to answer any questions you may have about our textured metal letter product offering. Please complete our form below so we can get this party/collaboration started!


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