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Posted by LaFrance on May 27, 2021 12:56:29 PM

Consumer buying behavior continues to shift, seemingly on a daily basis. With the continued rise of online shopping, in-store/curbside pick-up, and brick and mortar stores closing, the importance of brand strength and perceived value is even more critical than ever before. It isn’t enough to have the best performing product; it has to look good too so you can earn the quality product review scores your company needs to compete. 

Whether the reviews are done by an expert or a social media influencer, the fact remains, product performance and looks are equally weighted when comparing a brand against a sea of competitors. Many industries have become increasingly saturated with new brands popping up overnight. How can you continue to differentiate yourself and tell your story of quality and craftsmanship? The answer might be simpler than you think - enhance user experiences with premium accents. Continue reading to learn how to take advantage of user interface components within the Automotive and Electronics industries.

Sometimes the little details can make a big impact, and knobs are no exception. With the power to shape consumer perceptions of performance and functionality, these touchpoints demand your attention and investment. With an extensive product offering, LaFrance is able to create custom designs in multiple materials and finishes. 

Utilize our electroform product line to achieve premium textures and a true metal touch, a subtle detail that consumers love. Since each part is an exact replica of the original, electroform is the ideal solution to convey your story of precision and superior quality.

Achieve a sleek and modern look without sacrificing tactility with our low profile electroform offering. The perfect solution to highlight your product’s clean lines, low profile electroform is available in a variety of metallic finishes to complement mass production designs as well as limited edition offerings.

Obtain visual depth and a jewelry-like appearance using our molded plastic capabilities. Our ability to create custom textures coupled with a plethora of finishing options make plastic a fitting candidate for your next dial or knob to truly stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready to create a noticeable difference at a critical consumer touchpoint? LaFrance is standing by to provide you with an upgrade today. Complete our form below and one of our industry experts will be in touch to start our collaboration!

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